48x60" acrylic “Hope Rising”

“Frozen Evanston Lakefill” 30" x 40" acrylic, prints available upon request

“Crossing the Bridge” 16" x 20" oil, 2016 Chicago Winter Bike Art Show. Prints for sale upon request.

“Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse” 20" x 24"

“Self-portrait” watercolor 11" x 17"

“Night Ride” 30" x 40" framed

16x20" watercolor “Mother and Son” SOLD

“Mudslinger” 55" x 37" SOLD

“Mudslinger” hangs by purple bike chain through metal grommets


“First Kiss” 20" x 20"

24" x 24" acrylic, “Here Be Dragons” SOLD

“What Happens When We Fall In Love: An Anatomical Study” 20" x 20" $200 currently on display at Flowers of Life Art Gallery, 1601 S. State St, Lockport, IL 815.838.8287

“Winter Farm” 6" x 8" oil paint SOLD

“Quaglianas” SOLD

“Mountain Man” unframed watercolor 11" x 14"

“Petosky Lakeside Evening” 48" x 18" SOLD

“Bike Riding at the Houston Bayou” 6" x 8" SOLD

“Mossy Redbud”16" x 20" SOLD

“Full Moon” 16" x 20"

“Blue Springs Winter Sunset” 16" x 20" SOLD

“Autumn Creepers” 16" x 20"

Three Phoenix, each a little different. This picture was taken without flash.

This picture was taken with flash.

“The gritty one” without flash–heavily textured with coarse gel medium.

“The gritty one” with flash

“The pretty one” with flash–smooth and without dimensional texturing

“The pretty one” without flash

“The original” without flash–textured with gesso and heavy paint application

“The original” with flash

20x20" acrylic “Helping Each Other Fly”

Inspired by Devil’s Lake, WI

Big 4x5 footer for the lobby of the studio at Cork N Creations

close-up of the theatre section

Close-up of the painting section

Close-up of the chef section

“Celtic Knot”

“Petosky Day Lily”

“Spring Blossoms”

“Life’s a Beach”

“Autism Awareness” for an event in April at Cork N Creations

“Repose” chalk pastel on cardboard

Dragon Ball Z

The Alsups

Tree of LIfe (6 12" x 12" panels)


See the captions under each piece for contact information regarding where the piece is currently on display, and the gallery manager’s contact information